Account connection attempts persist, even after source deleted

I tried to link my mortgages with Flagstar bank. It gave me an error message and never linked the account. However, now whenever I open Stessa in the morning, I get an email from Flagstar within 2 minutes telling me that my account has been locked due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. Flagstar wasn’t ever linked to my account, and wasn’t showing in my list of financial accounts on Stessa.

I decided to try to link Flagstar again to see if that resolved the issue. I successfully added Flagstar, but it only imported one of 3 loans and zero transactions. I then deleted Flagstar as a Source in Stessa. I figured that whatever the glitch was, it should be resolved now. However, this morning when I logged into Stessa, within 2 minutes I got the same notification that Flagstar had locked my account due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. Stessa seems to be continuing to attempt to log in, even though the account was deleted as a source. Please fix! It is extremely annoying to have to change my bank password every day.

@9mattspaulding Thanks for alerting us to this situation. Your account connection was in a unique state when it was deleted, which led to a downstream issue with the repeated notifications. Regardless, this issue should be resolved now. Please do reach out if you see these notices again.