Account Upgrades - User vs Property Manager

I have multiple properties of both Short term and Long term rental properties so I have an upgraded account and a property manager. As I have an upgraded account, when my property manager goes to input receipts into my account, she gets an error that says, "you have run out of receipt scans for April, Upgrade to Stessa Pro for unlimited receipt scans.

Since it is MY account and I already have a Stessa Pro account, why would she ALSO have to pay for an upgrade just to manage my account. This should be per account/portfolio…not per user.

@tarakinney per this help article - Stessa Pro FAQs | Stessa Help Center - if you invite them as a collaborator your pro features should be available to them.

" Can I buy a Pro subscription for a collaborator?

If you have a Pro subscription, any collaborators you invite to a portfolio you own will have access to Pro features for the portfolio. However, they will need to purchase their own Pro subscription to unlock Pro features for any portfolio they own."