Adding Stessa as an external account in Chase is broken

I created two Cash Management accounts on Stessa.

I then went to my Chase account, and tried to add both of the Stessa accounts as an external app on the Chase app.

A few days later, I see the trial deposits in the Stessa accounts.

I go back to Chase, input the trail deposits and the Chase confirms that the linking is successful.

I then try to transfer money from Chase to the Stessa - and it doesnt work.

I look at the “External accounts” on the Chase app, and I see the error “We can’t verify this external account.” for the two Stessa accounts.

This seems like a huge issue - this is a main workflow, how can this be broken?

Note that from the Chase side, I said that these Stessa accounts are Business Checking accounts. Should I instead select “Personal Checking” accounts instead?

Other than that, I can’t think of why it isn’t able to verify the external account.