Anyone else seeing Schedule E Report Discrepancies?

Hello. Printed out the new schedule e report. For most of my properties, it looks spot-on. However, there is a significant discrepancy on one of my properties. Here’s what i’m seeing. On the property’s income statement, i’m seeing $27,945 in rent and $12 of interest for a total income of $27,957. The schedule E on the other hand, is showing rent of $25,764.60. I think there’s a bug driving this discrepancy.

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Yes. Me too. I sent my issue through the chat feature

Thank you. After further review, three or four of my properties have discrepancies between the income reports and the schedule E report. I could not find what was driving the discrepancy. Hope other members read this and don’t just hand their Schedule E reports to their CPAs since they are likely to contain inaccurate info.

I had noticed in my Schedule E report that items in the “Transfer” category were being treated as Rent income even if they weren’t categorized as such. This needs to be fixed so that Transfers don’t count towards income.

Wow. That’s a pretty big issue.

Wow, I need to go check on this. Already sent the tax package link to the CPA.

Be careful! At first my Schedule E would not report last calendar year. Despite selecting “Last Calendar Year” in dropdown, It was reporting 3-1-22 to 2-28-23. After selecting Year to Date in dropdown, then re-selecting Last Calendar Year, it reported correctly. Definitely a bug in my opinion.