Assets and liabilities, depreciation, balance sheet

Is there any expectation there will be assets and liabilities added? Maybe I just missed them but I did not see them. I’d like to be able to track receivables and payables and have a historical record of those transactions. This would also let us track depreciation.

If this already exists and I missed it will someone please let me know?


@lotsllc You’re not missing anything. Stessa does not currently support tracking of accounts receivable or accounts payable. This would be more of a full-service accounting approach and our impression is that most rental property investors are looking for efficiency and speed when tracking income and expenses. That’s why Stessa is designed to work best as cash basis tracking with a single-entry per line item.

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@lotsllc I’m happy to “report” that there’s now a balance sheet available in Stessa under the “Reports” button on the Transactions page. The brand new Balance Sheet report allows you to quickly see bank, escrow, security deposit and other important account balances at a glance. It also shows market values and loan balances across your portfolio. Give it a try!

Hi Devin,

This is great. More info needed on the balance sheet (CAPEX, Depreciation etc) but great start! Thank you.

I would love asset tracking. I know this feature was added recently, which is awesome, but would like to be able to find a way to add other depreciable assets currently owned on Stessa as well.

I have been looking for a simple software that will auto calculate the depreciation but they seem to be much more complex than what I am looking for (gps tracking, labeling, etc). Maybe I am searching for wrong thing.