Assign rental income (and expenses) to a specific unit at a property

I thought it would be a great idea if stessa made it possible to record the rents for a specific unit or room within a property. I have many properties at the same address and it would be nice to be able to keep them all apart to see who has paid and who still owes. Thank you let me know what you think.


@cabinsofasheville Good suggestion! If others would also like to see Stessa add the ability to assign transactions to a specific unit (instead of a property or portfolio as currently available), please click the heart on the original post to vote for it.


For sure. I have 2 duplex units and it would be great to assign rental income to the individual door vs primary property address. Thanks.

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Similarly, 2 of my SFHs are managed by a property manager and the rental deposit to my account is combined into one deposit. I am not able to break this rent deposit up and distribute to each property unless I do it manually. Would be nice if there was a way I could break up the rental income deposit into each property

Definitely! +1’d for sure.

+1 this would be a great feature. I was just going to request this, but searched and found this thread. We have a 9 unit property and would be great to split expenses out at the property level to understand which units have the most upside potential!

Agree - this is a critical feature for Multi-Family landlords such as myself.

Another vote for me! This would get really messy fast without this ability I think, at least in my thinking…