Assigning or editing a transaction's ACCOUNT after upload

When uploading historical csv data, I failed to assign the data to my existing bank account, and there appears no way to change the Account label from its current status of Imported File - Manual Upload.

The only way I can see to do this so far is to tag and delete all affected transactions, and re-upload the file after ensuring the correct account assignment during the upload process. This is not ideal, as I have already categorized many of the transactions prior to discovering this problem, and all of that work would be lost if I was to delete and start over.

@michael Yes, that’s correct. You are currently only able to assign transactions imported via a file to an existing “account” at the moment of upload. A possible work around would be to “Export” the existing set of transactions you want to re-assign, format into a CSV for re-upload including the “Category” column, delete the existing set of transactions, and then re-upload the new data (with an account assignment) to preserve your categorization work. Might this get you where you’re trying to go?

You may also find these two support articles helpful:
Upload Transactions Data (QIF, CSV) and Stessa Categories: Master List

That would work except that I cannot see how to CREATE an account prior to making the import. Have I missed something?

I fudged a work around for this: I entered a dummy web address (and password) that reflects the name of the account I wanted. Not perfect, but usable at least

@michael Yes, this dummy account approach will work just fine for now.