Attaching receipts gives 'dozens' of copies

I am adding reciepts to line items and some of them attach the reciept dozens of times. i corrected one ‘by hand’ (repeated use of the delete X thingie) but the example below is left for your diagnosis. I was not doing anythig ‘intresting’ at the time and not multitasking, other than gathering the reciepts and adding them.[date:11/01/2020~12/10/2020][portfolio:40757]&page=2&sort=amount_cents|DESC|transactions

@bendavies Thanks for posting this issue. How are you attaching these receipts. Are you scanning via the mobile app or uploading images directly? Or are you emailing them to Are you creating new transactions automatically or simply adding images to existing line items?

Let us know and we’ll take a closer look.