Balance Sheet report duplicating some debt

@christopher.mikle Thanks for reporting this bug. We’re looking into it this morning and will update here once resolved.

Hey Devin, I saw this also. The formulas are just off. The first 123,177 is taking the sum of the row with “Total Long-Term Liabilities” and the next line is taking the sum of the next row down and so on! :slight_smile: Should be an easy fix if you haven’t looked into it yet!

I really like the new tab with reports so I dont have to export them everytime to look at them quick!



@kodyben1408 @christopher.mikle The fix for this issue was deployed earlier this evening. Please run your Balance Sheet reports again and ping us if anything looks amiss! Thanks for surfacing this bug.

Looks to be working correctly now. Thanks for the quick attention to this!

@devin Having another issue on the balance sheet. One of my mortgages is not showing at all in my Liabilities records.