Bank account ending balance being reflected as a transaction

Starting this month, i’ve noticed that Stessa is tagging my bank accounts’ ending balance as a transaction in the transactions screen. For example, on 3/11/21, one of my property managers transferred $2,055.00 to one of my business checking accounts. That brought my ending balance in that account to $5432.22. In Stessa’s transactions screen, Stessa has captured two transactions. The first is an uncategorized transaction of $2,055, which makes sense. The second is an uncategorized transaction of $5432.22, which doesn’t make sense.

Why is Stessa treating the ending balance as a transaction? This is happening across all of my business bank accounts and only started this month.

@brianpalmer123 Thanks for reporting this one. This is indeed strange. We’re taking a closer look and will get back to you.