Bank Link Two way Authentication issue issues with codes

I am trying to fix my Luana Saving Bank authentication for few days not. It Goes to the Access code screens but never sends me the code. When I go to Luana saving bank website to login the code comes to me right away with no issues. This issue started happening within the last month. it should be sending the code as son as you go to the code enter page.

PennyMac Loan is also having issues, but in this case it sends me a email with the code but Stessa never asks for the code to be entered

I can’t figure out how to make a new post. I’m trying to connect a new bank account but it has a company name, user name and then password. Stessa has only name and pw. HELP


I apologize for the technical difficulties. I have sent you an email to help resolve this issue.


Victor Perez
Customer Success Manager

@victor I take I that is for Tom? cause I did not get any emails

Having issues getting Mr. Cooper to sync up


I am using Trustone, a smaller local bank, and I too struggle. When I log into Stessa, I know that it is trying to connect because Authy, my authorization app, pings me to tell me the code but Stessa never asks for it. After about 15 minutes it seems Stessa gives up. I can then go to the Data Sources and click “Fix.” From there I put in my password again, I am then prompted for the security code which I put in from Authy. This usually fixes it but I have to do it every time I want the latest transactions.

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I’m also having issues with Mr. Cooper. We have three properties with them and none of them are syncing. Have you figured out what’s going on?


I’m also having issues with Mr. Cooper…has anyone else been able to resolve it?


Yodlee has informed us that Mr Cooper is actively blocking third party aggregators from accessing their site. As a result, Yodlee may no longer be able to support integrations with Mr Cooper. If this is disappointing to you, please reach out to Mr Cooper directly and let them know that you would like them to once again support third-party access to your data.