Bank showing twice in Data Sources: Chase / Bank of America

My Chase accounts are showing twice in the Data Sources section, as “Chase” and “Chase 2”:

Both show the same accounts, but one says can’t import. I would like to remove one of them, so long as I can make sure no existing transactions are deleted from Transactions. I know I can remove a Data Source, but is there a way to ensure I won’t lose transactions? In the Transactions tab, when looking at the the dropdown for Accounts, I only see “Chase” as an option. I feel like in the past it may have said “Chase 2” instead, so I’m worried I’ll lose prior transactions.


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Seems resolved! I see one of the entries as deleted now.

Yes, Chase and Bank of America recently moved to a new “open banking” connection protocol. The switch over led to duplicate bank entries for some Stessa users. We’ve since cleaned up the dupes and resolved this issue for all users.

Please post a reply below if you continue to experience duplicate accounts entries for Chase or Bank of America.