Cannot connect to bank using Authy

Back in June my bank (Trustone) updated their web portal and the two-factor authentication now uses Authy. Ever since then I have rarely been able to get Stessa to bring in these transactions. In June, I could follow the "fix it’ steps a few time and eventually it would work. I have not been able to get this to work for several weeks now. Anyone else??

I’m seeing the same thing with Simmons Bank, via Authy two-factor. I’ve spoken with them, but they were unable to give me any input other than to check a box to “remember” the connection. I don’t see any box like that, and i’ve tried three different browsers while troubleshooting. Devin, any help would be very much appreciated.

Mine has actually worked well the last few weeks. I still have to go to “fix it” and type in the Authy code to get transactions to come in but at least everything is showing up after 5-10 minutes now.

These situations are usually best resolved via 1:1 support conversations. They often require us to open a ticket with Yodlee so they can investigate the specific circumstances and resolve.

If you’re still having trouble refreshing bank connections that require a real-time two-factor authentication code via an authentication app, please open a 1:1 support conversation.