Cash on cash metric using incorrect "cash in" amount

I have 2 properties setup exactly the same way, one of them shows what it looks like to me the correct cash on cash, calculating it off of my down payment. while the other calculates it as if I paid cash for it even though the loan is syncing with Stessa just like the other property.
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@cdeoliveira Thanks for reporting this. Actually, your CoC calculation is working as designed. While you have indeed set up an existing mortgage for this property, the “Original Loan Balance” field is blank. That’s why your loan balance is not being deducted from the Acquisition Cost when calculating the “cash in” denominator for your Cash on Cash metric.

To fix this, just visit your Property Details page for this asset and click the small edit icon on the Mortgage card. Add the original balance and you should be all set.

Note that we don’t use “Current Balance” to determine “cash in” because this balance declines over time as you pay down principal. Most investors like to see the denominator reflect initial cash in, including CapEx prior to placed in service date. Hopefully that makes sense!

Worked perfectly.

Thank you very much