Chase banking connection problems

I have had recurring problems with Chase credit card transactions downloading. A few months ago, I got duplicate entries. Now my credit cards are not downloading at all. I got an alert to “fix it” and went through the steps and received an I.D. code from Chase. Still, no transactions. All of my other credit cards and the Chase checking account is working correctly.

Is there an ongoing problem with Chase Bank?

@thea Thanks for reporting this and sorry you’re having trouble connecting to Chase. Sometimes there are temporary outages or credentials that need to be refreshed. That may be what happened in this case.

If the suggestions below don’t resolve the issue for you, please follow step #6 and we’ll get back to you!

In general, here are the recommended steps that you can take on your own to get things fixed quickly…

  1. Log in directly to the bank, credit card, or loan account you’re trying to connect.

  2. Make sure your account details are 100% current with the correct phone number, email address, and security questions all answered. Clear any pop-ups or required actions on your part. These are important for establishing solid links to Stessa.

  3. Double-check that you are trying to connect to the most relevant version of your institution in Stessa. If you have a business checking account, sometimes you’ll need to connect to “Acme Bank (Business)” instead of simply “Acme Bank.”

  4. Return to Stessa and try the connection again via the secure bank link .

  5. If you have an existing connection that’s not working as expected, try to “Refresh” by clicking on the small gear icon at far right on your Data Sources page . Select “Refresh” and follow the prompts. Sometimes it can be helpful to do this as a separate step after completing the “Fix It” process.

  6. If you’re still having trouble, log in to Stessa and use the blue circle at lower right to open a private support conversation.

  7. Never post personal banking information or screenshots on this public forum.