Cozy Transactions

When deposits from Cozy hit my bank and the bank info is imported, they’re being categorized as credit card payments received. Is there some reason for this? I would think they’d be categorized (at the very least) as simple “income”
I assume many people use Cozy and haven’t seen this brought up… so is this just some setting in my profile or are others seeing this same thing?

I have the exact same issue. It appears that Stessa doesn’t correctly import the bank description from cozy transactions. It correctly imports the title “ORIG CO”, but my description of “NAME:Cozy Services Lt ORIG ID: DESC DATE: CO ENTRY DESCR: SEC:CCD TRACE#:” doesn’t get imported and Stessa just changes it to “Credit Card Payment Received”.

This does not reliably reproduce 100%. However, I have many transactions that hit this bug. If any Stessa team member wants to take a look, I can volunteer my account and its data for investigations.