CSV import nondeterministic

I’ve imported, deleted, imported, deleted and imported the same CSV file with 23 lines – 22 transactions. All the transactions are either HOA Dues or Utilities. Some months it assigns all the to HOA Dues, some months to Utilities and some months it is correct. I’m not changing the CSV file, but just deleting and reimporting.

This is seriously stressing me out because now I’m now worried I will need to pedantically review EVERY single imported transaction and I expect to have thousands as I move my 22 doors into Stessa.


@dncprops Thanks for reporting this. Just to be clear, the bug here is regarding all line items being categorized as “HOA Dues” when the data file actually specifies “Utilities” for some line items?

I suspect this bug may be related to the fact that you have the words “HOA Dues” in the Description column for all line items.

It doesn’t do it consistently, but each upload I get a different result.

Why doesn’t it just believe me when I’ve provided the Category? Shouldn’t the code be written to just use the Category column rather than try to regex match on something in the Description column? This seems like a pretty clear bug.