Dashboard cash flow is negative, while Net Cash Flow report is positive

Cash flow on the Dash board is showing a negative dollar amount, which i believe is incorrect (combination of all assets)
Net Cashflow Report shows a different amount. This report is showing the correct dollar amount.

Is this a bug or am i doing something incorrect

@mandeeppahuja This is most likely not a bug. The Dashboards are configured to show pro forma / budget cash flow numbers. These are based on the inputs from your Leases & Tenants page and your “pro forma” expense estimates on the Property Details pages. The Net Cash Flow report shows actual figures based on data from your Transactions page. To the extent your budget differs from reality, you will also see differences between your Dashboards and your Net Cash Flow report. Hope that helps!

One more question, Is it possible to split the mortgage payment to interest and principal, so that the principal returned can be counted towards the ROI.


Yes, click on mortgage payment and then split it into principal and interest

This help article shows you how to handle the mortgage payment splits, escrows, etc.:
Split & Categorize Mortgage Payments