Data Source Linking - MFA Not Working

When attempting to add a financial account data source, my Orion Federal Credit Union (Orion FCU) account, Stessa’s “Link Financial Accounts” tool attempts to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log into this account. There is no MFA required when logging in directly through Orion’s website.

After entering my correct username/password combo for my Orion FCU account via Stessa’s “Link Financial Accounts” tool, the screen progresses to a “Please Enter the Code” prompt with a countdown timer. There is no code sent to any of my devices because Orion FCU does not utilize MFA for their login. There was no prompt for me to pick where to send any verification code (text, email, etc.) like there is with other accounts (such as Chase) that do actually use MFA in their logins.

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@18alphaproperties Thanks for reporting this. It appears to be a configuration error for this specific banking institution. We will investigate and get back to you with next steps directly via a 1:1 support conversation.

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@devin I have the opposite problem. My financial institution does require MFA, but I’m not being prompted for it and my transactions have stopped syncing.

@devin My accounts keep on breaking. Also it does not provide support for Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc.

The ones that you currently have for PRMG is for loan application. Please help.