Docs column on Leases & Tenants page displays incorrect # of docs

Hello! Not urgent potential bug:

Where to view the bug:

  1. Login as me
  2. View my Leases & Tenants page
  3. View the docs column on the table for 7540 S Kingston Ave

Expected Result:
Each occupied unit has at least 2 documents attached. When viewing my Documents page, I can see the correct amount of docs tied to each occupied unit.

Actual Result
The docs column is showing a count of only one doc per occupied unit. When I click on the hyperlinked 1 doc, I am taken to the Documents page viewing just a single doc. However, when I filter for that same unit on the Documents page I then see more docs tied to that unit.

Steps to Reproduce:
In case this helps reproduce the bug: I noticed this issue after I deleted documents from the vacant unit and added them back to another unit. Also in case it matters, I initially renamed different docs tied to different units as the same file name within Stessa.

Not urgent at all but figured I would report it in case others have the same issue. Loving the product and what you guys are building!

@zainjeddy Thanks for reporting this discrepancy. We’ll take a look and deploy a fix as needed.

Hi @zainjeddy,

Thanks for the detailed report! It was very helpful.

I believe I understand the reason for the discrepancy. On the Leases & Tenants page, we only count documents that are assigned to the Unit and are set to the Leases & Tenants category. If you click the “1 doc” hyperlink, you’ll see that your Documents page has an additional filter applied:

If you click the Clear all filters button, you should see your other documents.

The original intention was for this page to help you find things that were specific to managing a tenant, such as: leases, move-in/out checklists, credit checks, late notices, etc. But is this filter too confusing? Were you expecting to see all documents related to each Unit, not just the documents in the Leases & Tenants category? We are open to all suggestions on making Stessa easier to use!