Duplicate transactions 5x repeating for a limited period of time

I’ve had two instances in the past month where duplicate transactions have occurred and each time it has been similar.

The first instance happened on one bank account and I saw 5 duplicate entries for some transactions (a few days worth). Since this was linked to an account with one property, I deleted those extra entries and thought something had just been awry.

This morning I woke to the same issue, but on a different account with multiple properties. There are now 5 duplicate transactions, over a period of the last week of January, resulting in about 110 duplicate entries in my transaction log to review.

As this is the second occurrence, I would assume this isn’t just an error and I want to report as this clean up will take some time to address (assuming it cannot be done programmatically).

Is this systemic or something unique to my account and possibly bank?

After 4 days of not getting a response to my request in chat or this bug report, I’m spending my morning reviewing the 105 transactions to verify which is a duplicate and deleting each manually. Not how I wanted to spend my morning and certainly not my expectation for response/support from the Stessa team.