Error Linking Mr. Cooper (Previously Nationstar) Account

My link to Mr. Cooper disconnected. Ever since I have tried to reconnect, I get the error message,

“It appears this financial institution’s website is being blocked for an unknown reason. Please try again in 24 hours and notify Stessa support if the error persists.”

I have tried again every 24 hours for the past week. I have lost all of my previous transactions on there and we are approaching tax time. Does anyone have a solution for this?


Was this addressed? I am having a similar issue with Select Portfolio Servicing and other banks.

Nope, it was never corrected. Now I have a new serviced of my mortgage but it t screwed things up for tax time.

Yodlee has informed us that Mr Cooper is actively blocking third party aggregators from accessing their site. As a result, Yodlee may no longer be able to support integrations with Mr Cooper. If this is disappointing to you, please reach out to Mr Cooper directly and let them know that you would like them to once again support third-party access to your data, including via Yodlee.

i am getting the same error and i cannot find any email to reach out to MRcooper. Has anyone been lucky getting in touch with them ?

I placed a ticket in with Mr Cooper. They said it will take 48-72 business hours to get back to me.

Hi @scott.longazel, did Mr Cooper ever get back to you on this?

No, so I gave up and enter it manually now.