February Charges not appearing

New issue that I just noticed today where February charges that do not start on the 1st day of the month are not appearing for each Tenant. This is new. On one example I had to put a “move-in” date to generate the Feb Charge - this was never needed before.

After further review - it looks like MTM end dated leases are not generating the February Rents since sometime after 2/3/2022.

As a stop-gap, adjusting the lease end date manually WILL generate the Feb Rents.

I have entered all data and rents are not auto-piloted in as described since late february and now march?

I had the same issue… it seems to be specific to MTM leases. I went ahead and put a 1-year out end date to the Lease line and it then seemed to generate the charge for me. Unfortunately, I had to go into each MTM lease and do this.

I also put in the “grace period” and late fee - not sure if that matters or not.

There definitely seems to be a code release in February that has affected the autogeneration of charges.

not for me, all was well during 2021 till ~ 2-22-22. seems to me i will need to reset/renew leases unless stessa resolves. surprised many are not having this issue?

I thought I would’ve already found a topic on it as well…

Also - check your Move-In date and make sure it’s populated.

This issue just started happening to me as well. My March rent charge was not automatically populated on the tenant ledger for any of my properties. My leases are all year long leases and none of them have anything special going on (not ending soon, no changes made recently, etc).

Thanks for the update on your situation. Do they all start/end on the 1st of the month? or are they on various days of the month?

@rockythomas My leases start/end on various days of the month, and the problem exists for all of them.

Mine do as well - that’s how I recognized it prior to the 1st of March… Maybe that’s why others have not seen it.

What has helped me is:

  1. Make sure your move-in date is populated
  2. Make sure the lease is not month-to-month ( I populated the end date)
  3. I also populated the grace period and late fee (not sure if this is required)

4* just found an issue where if a future lease was in the system, it wasn’t finishing the current lease on a prorate

seems to be on the mend, will be checking on it

I have the same problem as well. March rent charges not showing. tried changing the date on the lease- sometime it worked and sometime it didn’t but it causing a mess in my database.

The same thing is happening to me. None of my March 1st rent charges are auto populating.

Thank for your patience while we worked to fix this bug. It should now be resolved but please reply here if you discover that any auto-generated rent “charges” are still missing from your Leases & Tenants page.

My April late fees did not auto generate. What’s the fix??

My April rent did not auto generate either. Changing the rent due date from the first to the second & then back again manually on 34 tenants got the rent charges to appear… Is there a fix for the late fees?

My May late fees did not autogenerate either. How come a basic function like this cannot be fixed?? Is anybody else having this issue?

Currently, late fees do not automatically appear on the tenant ledger as not all landlords choose to pursue late fees in all circumstances. We’re working on additional options to allow for auto-charging of late fees on a tenant by tenant basis and will post an update here when ready.

In the meantime, you can manually add late charges to the tenant ledger by clicking the “Add a Charge” button.