Forced Alerts & Insights notifications

While I appreciate the reminders offered by the enhanced “Alerts & Insights” module, I don’t like being forced to view all these items before being allowed to view my Dashboard view. In fact, I can’t figure out how to “X” and/or easily close the various Alerts & Insights windows to get back to a main screen. Can you please either eliminate users being forced to view these Alerts & Insights upon log-in or simply include a “X” (close window) button on each Alert and Insight so end-user can easily view and get on with their business? Thank you!

@johnenemeth Thanks for the feedback here. Alerts & Insights is a brand new feature so we are trying a few different approaches to see what investors prefer. You can easily dismiss some of the cards by clicking the blue text at the bottom, while other cards are fixed in place and update automatically as new transactions arrive. Regardless, you can always use the navigation menu to quickly jump to any other page in your Stessa account including Dashboard, Transactions, Reports, etc.