How to add decimal points to my financial reports

Hi, adding a transaction e.g $300.24 but when report run shows $300 with no decimal/cents amount, pls how to fix

@steven.thomson While Stessa’s reports automatically round to the nearest whole dollar for display purposes, when you open them in Excel you’ll see the decimals are included. You’ll just need to select the appropriate cells and change the formatting to include two decimal places. Hope that helps!

Not helpful… Why should I have to create an Excel report and then have to open it in Excel to see true unrounded amounts? You should show this online as well. We are no looking at or filling in an IRS form that accepts rounded amounts. I would prefer that we see actual unrounded amounts displayed or at least there should be a setting so we can decide which way we ant to see the data online… So now I’m off to create an excel report…