Import from mortgage company not working - Security National

Hi Stessa Team,

Having an issue with importing transactions from one of my mortgage bank - Security National. Looks like it stopped importing 23 days ago.

I click the FixIt link, put in my username / password and all the security questions, and I get a success message that it’s going to work, but then nothing happens.

Link to the bank’s login:

Thank you,


Having a similar issue, though I’m unable to do the initial account linkage. Just says it failed due to a technical error. Have tried a few times over several days now, but result is the same.

Hopefully this can be resolved so I don’t have to manually import these!

Now it seems to have added the accounts (and can even see the account numbers), but fails to sync with an error. I click the “Fix It” button, provide credentials, and then it seems to time out and give me an error:

"It appears something went wrong.

If you clicked “Cancel” please try again and allow the process to finish. It can sometimes take several minutes.

If you see this message again, please open a new support conversation."