Leases and Tenants page not showing latest payments received

I recorded a utilities charge and payment under the leases and tenants page and only the charge is reflected. The payment is visible under the transactions page but it does not reflect the decrease in the tenant’s outstanding balance or show on that same screen as a payment.

@alexa Can you confirm that the utilities payment on your Transactions page is properly assigned to not only the Unit, but also the correct Tenancy? This is the most common reason that a payment received will not show as expected on the Leases & Tenants page.

@devin I can confirm it is assigned to the correct Unit. For the Tenancy, I have the name of the tenant specified - is there another way to tag this payment as being from a particular tenancy?

I am having the same or similar problem. I properly categorize a rent payment by building and unit that was imported automatically from my bank account and it shows up under the particular tentant’s ledger, but does not update tenant’s payment status from due to current. Any help with this would be great. One possible reason for this could be related to the fact that one bank deposit was split between three tenants. However, each of the splits identified its respective building and unit.

thanks in advance,

I am having the same issue. Not updating the payment status to current when balance is 00.00.


I would be happy to review this for you. Can you confirm all income transactions have been assigned to the correct property and unit?


Victor Perez
Customer Success Manager

Yes they have. Thank you

Edward Jerum

I’m having the same issue. The transaction is assigned to the Unit. For some reason, different to other transactions, the Unit dropdown does not show display the tenant. Im guessing this is causing the transaction to remain unlinked to a particular tenant.