Legitimate transactions discarded as 'duplicates'

I have multiple transactions per day of the same amount. When I import them via CSV, usually the first of them is taken and the rest are discarded by Stessa as duplicates, with no output from Stessa indicating that happened.

Even when I later try to re-upload only the transactions that were skipped, where I manually adjusted the ‘description’ field to be different for each, Stessa still does not import them!

There is no error message. However, I never see the transactions show up.

How can I get these transactions in the system? Is there any trick to get it done besides manually adding them? I have many transactions and it would be very hard to add each one manually.

To confirm my suspicion, I created a new CSV file with a single transaction for a $1 expense on the date as another transaction for $200 that was not getting imported, no matter how many times I run the import. It was instantly imported with no issues. This is because I already have another $200 transaction on the same day.

Why would Stessa be the judge as to what is a legitimate transaction? What if I really do have two transactions on the same day for the same amount?

Can you please fix this? I have this situation very frequently.

It is very distressing to think that the system would decide on its own to reject my transactions without any kind of log showing the result of my import.


I just noticed that this is happening with transactions automatically imported from my bank accounts as well! The same amount on a given day results in Stessa dropping the legitimate transaction. Why would this be a part of the algorithm when it is literally in my bank statement? Please fix.