Linked accounts don't handle legitimate duplicate transactions

Last I checked, Stessa can’t recognize when the same transaction legitimately appears in multiple data source accounts (like a mortgage payment from a linked bank account to a linked mortgage account), leading to multiple redundant transactions and inaccurate financial calculations. Other financial services, like Personal Capital, handle this in calculations by counting only one instance of the transaction (I believe they exclude transactions in the mortgage account from calculations).

Dealing with this in Stessa requires users to manually edit the register which is cumbersome with multiple properties and makes it more trouble than it’s worth, especially since I’m already using other accounting software to maintain a master transaction register for long term property histories and report generation. The problem also multiplies if I link property management (AppFolio) accounts.

fyi: my setup has a single bank account for all properties plus the mortgage account and property management accounts for each property that has them. If I choose not to link any of these, then only partial data is collected and I’d have to enter what’s missing manually each month or upload a CSV which is not feasible.

Until Stessa can fully automate the download, categorization and filtering of all transactions from all types of linked accounts, it is not fully functional and not really usable for me.

@marshall1 Thanks for posting. Stessa does in fact automatically suppress duplicate mortgage transactions, which are the most common offenders across the platform. If you’ve linked both the bank account from which you pay the mortgage and the loan account that credits the deposit, then Stessa is designed to automatically suppress the banking side of the transaction under the “Transfers” category.

If this isn’t working as expected for you, please open a support convo with the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged in.

“Transfers” do not impact financial performance or show in reports. “Transfers,” and it’s sub-categories are intended for tracking purposes only. You can read more about how this works in Stessa Categories: Master List and Mortgages & Loans: Add & Edit.

As it relates to AppFolio, there’s usually not much overlap between banking transactions and PM activity. In our experience, PMs issue owner distributions (or pull owner contributions) from bank accounts with regular frequency, and these are also captured as “Transfers” in Stessa.

What other types of AppFolio transactions are showing as duplicates in Stessa for you? Let us know and we’ll take a closer look.