Missing Transactions and Categories

Checked Stessa today and whole categories from the historical data base are missing mysteriously. Now I dont know if I can trust the fidelity of the data at all. Hopefully there is some kind of backup. If I have to recheck and re enter years worth of data this will be a real waste of time and effort. Anybody have any thoughts/advice how to recover.

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Same here. A significant number of transactions are missing.

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Same here! This is extremely troubling. Data integrity is the whole point, especially when I’m now paying for pro membership. I sent an email to the support team, awaiting a response.

Same here. And not to hijack your post, but to help - here is an example of what I am seeing:

As you can see, Insurance shows up only if I search the payee. When I filter by category it disappears. It also is not showing up on my Dashboard, and the calculations are affected.

Has anyone figured this out? I uploaded 3 months of bank statements yesterday and categorized the transactions, and today many of them are missing. There isn’t much customer support here either, so I’m checking to see if anyone else had this issued resolved.