Missing Transactions and Categories

Checked Stessa today and whole categories from the historical data base are missing mysteriously. Now I dont know if I can trust the fidelity of the data at all. Hopefully there is some kind of backup. If I have to recheck and re enter years worth of data this will be a real waste of time and effort. Anybody have any thoughts/advice how to recover.

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Same here. A significant number of transactions are missing.

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Same here! This is extremely troubling. Data integrity is the whole point, especially when Iā€™m now paying for pro membership. I sent an email to the support team, awaiting a response.

Same here. And not to hijack your post, but to help - here is an example of what I am seeing:

As you can see, Insurance shows up only if I search the payee. When I filter by category it disappears. It also is not showing up on my Dashboard, and the calculations are affected.