Mortgage payments reported twice

My mortgage payments through Chase bank are being counted twice, showing duplicated mortgage expenses on my cashflow statements. On my bank statements, Chase shows my total mortgage payment and then a breakdown of what amount contributed to principle, interest, escrow, PMI, etc… When this get uploaded to Stessa everything is counted twice. Is there anyway to fix this so I don’t need to manually correct this every month?

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I am new to stessa and having the same issue. the problem is that it imports one transaction from my checking account (when I pay the mortgage) and then P+I + escrow from my mortgage account… I would even consider deleting my mortgage account from stessa but then I lose all the tax payments records made from Mortgage Escrow.

I’m having this exact same issue. I pay from my checking account at a different bank towards my mortgage managed by Chase. Commenting to see if anyone or Stessa has a solution.

I am having my transaction from my bank added multiple times as well.