Multiple LLCs, each with own account, one bank login

I’m having a hard time setting up my Data Sources. I have one login and password for my business bank, BayPort Credit Union. Under that login, I have more than one Tax ID that I bank with (e.g. one for each active LLC), and each LLC has multiple accounts.

When I try to set up my bank as a Data Source, Stessa finds all of the accounts associated with one LLC (checking, savings, etc) but not any other Tax ID associated with that login.

How do I point Stessa to multiple accounts within one login?

@sathornroadllc We’ll take a closer look at this for you, but we generally recommend opening a private 1:1 support conversation for user-specific issues involving bank connections. The integration for this bank simply may not currently be configured to capture multiple layers of accounts. We’ll take a look and get back to you directly.