Net cash flow graph math doesn't quite add up

Net cash flow shows negative, but the math doesn’t match.Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 12.07.13 PM

Mine seems to be fine. I can’t tell which month you’re on from the screenshot. If it’s the far left column, that looks accurate.

Help me understand how it looks right? The values are nearly the same as the next month but the line graph point is way lower…

The first column looks right but I can’t see the details of the second. Something does look off. Compare the transactions, maybe there is a transfer or something throwing it off. You could think the dots in the first two columns would be close to each other based on what you’re showing though, I agree with that.

Hi @steve_meyers,

I would be happy to help, I will send you a private message.


Victor Perez
Customer Success Manager