Not importing certain transactions from property management (propertyware) platform

A number of transactions that are present in my property management account (propertyware) are not importing to Stessa. Some of them do, but not all. I’m noticing transactions of the same amount that occur on the same day are being skipped somehow. For example, $79 was charged x5 times (one for each unit) on 4/6 for property management in my propertyware portal, but Stessa only imported 2 of those. Also, a delinquent tenant caught up on her rents on 4/1, and there were multiple rent deposits of the same amount recorded on that day. Stessa failed to pick up all of them.

I’m experiencing a similar issue. My property manager uses Appfolio and a number of transactions, such as the monthly property management fee, is importing only a few of the transactions. I attempted to manually import the missing transactions with a CSV but only about 1/4 of the transactions imported.

I’ve had the same issue, and for a couple years now. I posted about it here and had numerous chats with support.

This happens with my bank transactions. Each time I reconcile stessa with my bank I have to download the transaction from stessa in csv and compare to my bank files, then add in the missing transactions, manually. It’s EXTREMELY slow and frustrating.

It is painfully obvious the people at stessa do not care since this has been an ongoing issue. If they ever hope to charge for this service (if it worked I’d pay) then they need to fix basic things like this.

Same problem. Information is being exported for only two of three units in my triplex? Did anyone ever get a fix? I cant use Stessa if I can’t get a fix. One third of my income is missing.

I am facing the same issue. Extremely frustrating and time consuming. It happens both with my linked bank accounts and with file imports.

I am having the same issue since end of March.
Have reached out to stessa and was given the option to upload a file but Appfolio only allows .csv file format and this is very manual transformation from taking the export from appfolio, into a format which stessa recognizes and then going to each transaction to update to add more details.
Pretty much made using stessa useless. This is going to be pain at the end of the year.

How about you? Any update on this?

I have a similar issue where when I import a CSV file with a number of transactions, stessa drops some of them silently. The only way to know if it imported correctly is to check transaction by transaction if it imported. This is completely unacceptable and makes using import functionality a no-go. It also dramatically reduces the value of using stessa for me. This is clearly a code bug that could be found and fixed. Maybe I’ll just go back to using spreadsheets…

Same issue here. they keep asking me to refresh my account but nothing works. They need a new bank-link provider or something because this feature doesn’t work.

Yeah, this year I’ve resorted to breaking the connection between Stessa and my property manager, and instead uploading a CSV. Took me several tries, but it seems the issue is Stessa has a bug (i’m sure they call it a feature!) where they will assume repeated transactions of the same amount AND the same description as redundant transactions and will disregard/ignore those transactions. The only way I could circumvent this was to use an excel formula to add index numbers to the beginning of my transaction descriptions. It’s clear that the devs/management aren’t checking the message boards because this seems like a tool-breaking issue with seemingly a easy fix that they are unaware of or are unwilling to fix.

I was able to somewhat fix the issue by adding unique values and assigning the transactions to a different category in the .csv file so that it would get passed the “duplicate detection” of stessa import. This is crazy annoying though because you then have to go find the transactions and edit them manually within stessa to switch them back to the actual correct category and other content. In short, stessa is trying to be too cute by half in their “duplicate detection” and actually just introduces problems.