Not importing some Chase transactions

Stessa is not importing some transactions from one of our Chase accounts. Most transactions come over just fine, but a few rent payments never appear so I have to enter them manually. This started in early February and is continuing in March. On February 4, I deposited 3 rent checks for the same amount, but Stessa only imported one. The same thing happened on March 2. All checks like these have the same description through Chase – “Remote Online Deposit # 1” – so I suspect Stessa is seeing two of the three checks as duplicates and is ignoring them. This is a new problem, so something obviously changed.

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I’d really appreciate a response from Stessa on this. It’s still happening two months later.

This has been an ongoing issue since I started using Stessa a couple years ago. I have Chase and the same problem. Often times it’ll miss a few transactions, or sometimes a ton of them. This causes me to compare stessa csv vs chase and I’m sure you know it is time consuming.

I have posted here about and had numerous chats with support. They know it’s a problem, and haven’t done anything to fix it.

I have fixed the issue on my end, no help from stessa. Unfortunately linking my bank still doesn’t work and many transactions are lost, but if you upload a csv file from chase (they offer it), adjust the headers to stessa format, it will upload every single transaction. It has to be csv, the qif and qfx formats have the same issue as linking the bank. I suspect it is an issue with those file types in stessa, even though they say they prefer those over csv.

You’re welcome stessa for doing your job.

I’ve had occasional issues between Chase and Stessa, but this is a specific new problem that I can easily reproduce and that only started a few months ago. Before that, Stessa would reliably import multiple deposits on the same day with the same amount and the same description. For the past few months, Stessa imports only one. My current workaround is to deposit checks with duplicate amounts over a series of days, but that’s frankly a dumb workaround for something that is just not working right.

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this makes me leary of continuing to use Stessa with glitches like this. I still have issues with my bank account connection not working…

I don’t know if this was fixed or I just got lucky, but the import worked correctly this month. Fingers crossed.

I am having the same issue. It puts a question mark on the whole purpose of using the site. If I can’t be sure that all of my transactions are being imported, that’s a huge problem. It is far too time consuming to keep checking for missing transactions.

FWIW, the problem hasn’t returned for me since my last post.