Old transactions appearing in Needs Review

Yesterday morning about 34 old transactions that had been categorized and updated, moved to Needs Review and lost their information?

@johnmanner Sorry you’re having trouble with these transactions. Can you double-check and confirm that the original transactions are actually gone? Sometimes this situation results when duplicates are mistakenly imported (often when a bank connection is deleted and/or relinked). The new set will often show as uncategorized and/or unassigned, while the old original set is still present but harder to see. Let us know and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

Hi Devin,

You can close this out. What happened was my account connection to Apartments (dot) com suddenly started working (I forgot I tried to set that up) and it pulled in its transactions. Duplicate to the ones I had from my bank.

Appreciate the quick reponse.

Great, the Apartments (dot) com link is something we just recently started supporting. Good to know it’s working for you going forward.