Pet and Late Fees counted as normal Rental Income in "Tenants & Leases"

In the tenant and lease section, we have our tenant with their contract and how much is currently owed in rental income. This would be great except that pet fees and late fees are counted towards paying down the rent, so I get an incorrect amount owed by the tenant.

For example, if the lease is $2,000 per month then the tenant pays $2,000 plus a $50 late fee, they are shown to have a $50 credit.

Please fix.

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@konrad.ferguson I have the same issue. Adding a recurring pet fee and laundry fee option that is separate from the base rent section is what is needed. It’s a headache not to have Base Rent option in contract section and then Pet Fees and Laundry Fees.

I don’t want to have to go back in and add these fees every single month and I don’t want to add them all for the entirety of the lease because then it charges them a late fee if their balance isn’t at $0.

Having all rents lumped together makes it difficult to run accurate reports.

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