Please fix incorrect partial month rent calculation (rounding error)

Hi team,

Setting up a new lease starting May 15th at $2800/month and Stessa says that rent due from May 15-31 (17 days) is only $1535.44, when it really should be: $2800 rent multiplied by (17/31) days = $1535.483870967742 ~= $1535.48

It looks like Stessa is truncating the daily rent to be $90.32 and then multiplying this by 17 to incorrectly get $1535.44. Yes this is only a $0.04 difference, but it sets up my rent roll and balances in Stessa to now be off by $0.04 going forward as I can’t figure out a way to correct the auto-calculated partial month’s rent.

Can you please fix your rounding error here? I would suggest changing the calculation to be Rent * occupied days/total days in month to avoid these rounding errors.