Previous tenant still shows under Transactions dropdown

When assigning transactions to a property, once the property is selected a previous tenant still shows as a selectable option. The tenant is no longer defined in Leases and Tenants section.


Entering new tenant with lease start, end, month to month and information is not showing on home page and some information is getting deleted or has to be entered multiple times.

@demonsguile Thanks for posting. This is not actually a bug. We’ve found that in certain circumstances, payments are made to or received from tenants long after they move out. Past due balances, court settlements/judgements, return of security deposit are all examples of transactions that may occur after a lease expires and a tenant moves out. That’s why the tenant name continues to be an option for assignment beyond the date of lease expiration. Hope that helps!

@nellkev We’re looking into this for you and will get back to you with our findings. It may be something as simple as a caching issue where the page you’re seeing is not refreshing as quickly as it should. Are you perhaps using two devices (web and mobile, for example) at the same time?

It does. However, that doesn’t apply to my situation. Is there any way that I can force it to stop showing up?


If there could be a way to “archive” tenant option, if all transactions are complete once their tenancy is complete. It would be an option we could select. It would be very helpful to keep the transactions list cleaned up.

Agreed, that would be helpful. I have a quadraplex that attracts young professionals that typically don’t stay as long as some other tenants. There is already like 7 people to choose from when I click the drop down for choose unit.

I do understand needing to assign certain transactions to a tenant even after they have moved out, but these circumstances are rare and temporary. The more common difficulty is remembering which tenant is the active one in the dropdown (versus previous tenants who have moved on). I wind up having to open the Leases page in a different window so I can cross-reference them.

I think a tenant archive button proposed by @heggpropertiesllc is a good solution. It allows me to say when a tenancy is officially over and prevents them from showing in the dropdown. Having the ability to unarchive should an unexpected transaction occur would also be nice. The only purpose for this is to filter that dropdown to “active” tenants. I suppose I could delete the tenancy in Stessa, but I’d like to keep that history for future reference.