Problem updating linked bank account, won't refresh

My transactions are not loading. When I go to Data Sources and “Refresh” the account I get an error message that says, “Problem updating account” and underneath it says, “Account updates are in progress. Please try again later.”

This connection has not imported any new transactions in several days, and I’ve received this message over the last 3 days. There are new transactions on the bank side.

@a.stoneproperties Thanks for letting us know about this refresh error. With bank connections, it’s best to simply use the blue circle at lower right once logged in to open a “New Conversation.” That way we can investigate your specific bank situation and get back to you with next steps.

Generally speaking, when trying to get a tricky bank connection to refresh, you may sometimes have to go through the “Refresh” process a couple of times and be extra patient. Some banks have instituted multi-factor authentication processes that require users to enter credentials more than once. Once completed, it may then take a few additional minutes (sometimes longer) for new transactions data to flow into Stessa. This will occur in the background, so you’re welcome to navigate away and accomplish other tasks in the meantime. Hope that helps!