Property management portal integration, some properties left out from import

I have 3 properties in IN/IL with a property a management company (Homeriver). My owner portal shows a drop-down box to select the state and portal to access the properties since 2 are in IN and 1 in IL. The URL to login to the portal does not change when i select either of the options in the drop-down box.

I was able to successfully integrate the property management portal with Stessa, however, only the data for 2 properties in IN is being pulled. None of the data for the 3rd property, which are in the IL dropdown box option, are being pulled into Stessa. If I add this property mgmt portal again, it creates a duplicate and still dos not pull info for the 3rd property. How do i resolve this?

On the property management portal, when I try to login, my login attempt 1st fails. Then the site shows a message saying “This username is associated with multiple accounts. Please select the account below”, and then a dropdown box appears with the option to select one of 2 accounts. However, the URL does not change.