Property showing as Occupied without tenants

Setup a new property, have not added any Tenants, yet the property is marked as Occupied.

@swartzinvestments Thanks for reporting this. I see that while you have not added a tenant, you did input a rent amount. I think that’s likely the reason the system is confused. We’ll look into it but we’re also curious as to why you set up the Current Rent if there’s no tenant?

Honestly don’t recall doing that nor how I would have. Perhaps was setting up as Market Rent?


Swartz Investments

Perhaps. Some new customers will input a number there just to see how things work, before loading up the rest of the lease information. That could also be what happened.

Just to be clear, inputting a Market Rent figure alone will not flip a unit from Vacant to Occupied, but setting up a Move-In Date, Lease Terms, and/or Scheduled Rent amount will result in the unit being counted as Occupied.

Good to know. How can we switch back since we just acquired it and are getting ready to list?

To denote a property as not currently in service, navigate to the Leases & Tenants section and just select “Not in Service” from the top right drop-down menu under “Long-Term Rental.” This will exclude occupancy data for this property so that it doesn’t negatively impact your dashboards.

Note that this designation is intended only for properties that are currently undergoing major renovations or are otherwise not available for lease. If you simply have a vacant unit, there’s no need to mark the property as “Not in Service.”