Receipt Scanner not working

I havent been able to get the scanner to upload a receipt since I started using Stessa. Anyone else having that issue? Does it work for anyone else?

I’ve had the same problem, I’m able to upload a receipt, but unable to link it to a specific category (ie travel, supplies, utiliities, etc). This has been a problem since Feb 9. I’ve written in for help with Stessa support. NO RESPONSE. I would love to use this platform, seems like it could be a good choice. Anyone else have an idea what the problem could be??

hit plus sign and scan ,watch until its done loading (top left of phone) then click on pic and box opens up to pick info

Were you able to resolve this? I’m having the same issue. I’m new to Stessa. My receipt scanned properly but is stuck in a photo can NOT link to the category of receipt when I touch on the photo.