Recurring rent not appearing on Tenant Ledger

Using the system for less than a week. My first “1st of the month” test. One of my properties (2 leases) did not automatically add March rent in the Tenant Ledger. It did not happen for either of the leases. One other property I have in the system seems to work correctly. Not sure what I did wrong?


The ledger on the Transactions page will automatically add a charge for the rental amount, but will not automatically record it as received unless an actual payment is present on the Transactions page. The transaction must also be properly assigned to the correct Property, Unit, and Tenancy.

For more info on how this works, please see Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy

I understand I need to record the payment. My issue is the charge is not showing up in the ledger for March 1st for either of the units at the property.


I’m having the same issue for March 2022

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yes ditto since ~2-22-22

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Devin, I don’t think you quite understood the question.

It is not about applying payment. The question is why did March rent not enter a ‘charge,’ transaction. I have the same problem as the other replies below. No March 1st 2022 recurring rent charge.

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Same here. Rent charge for March 2022 not appearing!

Rent charge for March 1st, 2022 is not appearing! Multiple properties affected.

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Davin Same here. The problem is that for some reason Stessa is not adding the Rent Charge for March 2022. Usually, every month there is a rent charge on the 1st, this time is not appearing on any of my leases.

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Got it. This is a new bug that is impacting a subset of tenancies on Stessa. We’re working on a fix and will post an update here shortly.


is this being pushed to all accounts so correct rent dues are auto charged?

Not sure if this is the same issue exactly but usually when a new month hits (like March 1st) a new rent transaction will be recorded as required from the tenants so it will say “Due” but for some reason none of that was triggered for March and all my tenants show “current” on rent when really they’re not.

This is exactly what is happening for me, but only for some of my properties.

Same issue for me as well.

Thank for your patience while we worked to resolve this bug. It should now be resolved but please reply here if you discover that any auto-generated rent “charges” are still missing.

I had the same problem. I found if I changed the due date on the rent history section of the leases and tenants page, saved it, then changed it back. The rent would populate. It worked on all the properties, luckily I don’t have that many.

mended for feb & early march thanx! missing today 3-5-2022 for two of my units.

I just came across this issue today. I noticed this is impacting all of my properties for March. Anybody else still seeing this bug? Looking forward to this being fixed soon. Thanks!

New user here. April first is my first “new Month”. The April rent charge was not added for any of my units. This post has had no activity for 21 days. What is the fix?

Same issue is stessa fixing this glitch its makes this program unusable