Renew Lease Dates

Current lease date expires 10/15/2022. When I try to renew lease I’m setting the start date for 10/16/2022 and expiring 10/15/2023. This is the error I’m receiving. I’ve tried using 10/15/2022 as start date and that tells me I cannot do it because tenancy overlaps.

Start Date cannot be after the Move-Out Date.

Something went wrong. Please try again or contact our support.

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I am facing this same issue. What is the resolution?

I am facing the same issue but with different dates. Any idea when this will be fixed?

Any update on this? I’m also experiencing this problem.

I figured it out. Click the settings button next to the tenants names on the far right and click edit move dates. I just bumped the move out date from 1/31/23 to 1/31/24. Then I clicked renew lease with the updated rent amount and dates.

Use the desktop version. I only ran into the error on my phone.