Rent Estimate Report on Windows 10 + IE/Edge

I just purchased a rent estimate report. The section located in the upper right corner of the screen under “purchased reports” has my property address and a “view report” button. The big is that this button is not functioning - no report is loading after clicking the button. I am therefore not able to view the report that was purchased.

Hi @chancemperry, I am a developer here at Stessa

Sorry to hear you are having this problem.
I am able to confirm that there is a bug on Windows 10 + IE/Edge browser.

Thanks for reporting this and we are currently working on a fix.
We expect this to be fixed in a short time period – meanwhile, you should be able to view/download your report using other browsers such as Chrome and Safari

I will keep you posted with updates here!

Hi @chancemperry, this issue is now fixed

Thanks for reporting the bug