Rent Roll report occupancy % incorrect


Thank you for rolling out the new Rent Roll Report, really useful!

For my Commercial Portfolio, our property has 9,484 SQFT of which 2,800 is currently vacant. The report shows occupancy as 75% when it should be 70.5%. There must be a calculation error.

@reddy.yaswanthp Thanks for reaching out. This occupancy calculation is actually based on the number of units leased as a percentage of the total number of units. It does not take square footage into account, primarily because residential units (unlike some commercial spaces) are typically offered whole without the option to demise based on tenant need.

Hi Devin,

Thanks for clarifying, I should have thought of that. I know Stessa is primarily meant for Residential properties. Any chance you will add the ability to calculate by square footage for Rent Roll in the future?

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