Repeating transactions, duplicates imported from bank

The software is 1) not importing transactions and 2) multiplying a transaction 20-30 times i the report. In other words, it shows up 25 times. When I manually delete the repeats, a different one pops up 20-30 times. I am trying to get help form Stessa support but is appears they are backed up a day or more. Anyone have any ideas?

I have a similar issue. Did Stessa support ever get back to you from 10 days ago? I have rents automatically posting from my property manager’s website multiple times. One tenant posted 5 times, another 3 times. It would be faster to post it myself rather than deleting all these. Since this is auto posting, I don’t know why it would do this or how to fix it?

No progress. The response I received was that it is an issue with one of their vendors and it may take weeks to resolve.

Yes, we’re aware of a few instances of duplicate transactions, as a result of an issue with a third party vendor that manages some aspects of our secure data connections. If you experience this issue, please open a 1:1 support ticket so we can resolve directly. In some cases, it may indeed take 2-3 weeks to resolve all technical issues.

I have been trying to get this resolved for 4 months.