Reports not populating in Chrome

The new Reports section is not populating information when I click on “Open”. Could this be a java issue since I believe Chrome no longer supports java?

Works as intended in Microsoft Edge.

Hi Jeffrey, sorry you are having trouble with the reports.

Can you gives a little bit more description so we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible?

  1. What type of report are you generating?
  2. Are you having the issue with download? If so, can you still view the report on your browser?
  3. Are you having trouble viewing the reports on your browser? If so, can you still download the report?


  1. None of the reports are opening in Chrome.
  2. Reports are just fine when I use the “download” button at the top right, either PDF or Excel format.
  3. Yes, the problem is when I click the “open” button in the middle of the page, nothing happens.

After the latest Reports update (mid-October?) this has now been resolved. Reports are now showing up in my web browser.


…and it is once again not working in Chrome. :frowning:

@jeffreygammon Do you perhaps have an ad-blocker enabled? These can sometimes interfere with the reporting pages and filters.