Similar transactions being deleted when attaching files


This is related to an issue I was previously talking to Victor about via IM - attempting to use a CSV to upload identical transactions to multiple properties was resulting in those transactions not appearing in the record for any properties after the first one. That issue appears to have been resolved at this point and transactions are appearing normally, but I’m now experiencing issues when trying to add attachments to those transactions.

The transactions in question are the same ones used as an example during the previous issue - a set of $4 air filter purchases for every property in a portfolio. All details of each transaction are the same except the description of each one contains the address of the property. The first issue encountered was that after uploading the receipt for those purchases to one of the transactions, attempting to upload the same receipt to another one of the transactions resulted in a transaction from the list being deleted.

Steps I took to duplicate the issue after the first occurrence are:

-Filter for only those transactions using the transaction description in the search box
-Upload attachment to any transaction on the list after the first one (using click-and-drag, if that matters)
-Press Save
-Click the edit button for the next transaction down the list
-The edit menu should open for the previously-saved transaction (with attachment ) instead of the one you just clicked on
-Clicking the Cancel or X buttons deletes one of the transactions

At this point I tried to duplicate the issue again to try to confirm which transaction was disappearing from the list, but the problem changed slightly at that point - rather than a transaction being deleted immediately, the attachment appeared on the next transaction down the list from than the one it was uploaded to. Attempting to upload the attachment to the same transaction as the previous attempt resulted in the attachment appearing on the next transaction down from the previously-attached one. When I went back and refreshed the page several minutes later, the transaction to which I had been attempting to upload the attachment had been deleted.

Any ideas on what’s going on here?